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Thanks for considering TBA at your event! Please take a moment to read the following:

Event Dates

TBA is available for performances all year round. We ask that requests be made at least one month prior to the date of the performance. This ensures that we can properly rehearse and prepare for your event.

Also, be aware that TBA is a collegiate a cappella group, and therefore, some of our members may not be available during the summer months as they are out of town. If your event is occurring between May and August, please still send us a request – but do keep this in mind.

Performance Time

Weekends and evenings are the most preferable timeslots for TBA.


TBA has performed in many locations in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. If your event is outside of the GTA, please be aware that you may be subject to additional transportation costs.


TBA performs at least 2 songs, and exceeds no longer than 45 minutes. A standard TBA set comprises of about 4-5 songs, lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Sound Check and Equipment

Depending on the event, TBA may require a 15-20 minute soundcheck in the space. Please try and keep this time slot as close as possible to the time of performance in order to minimize our wait time.

If your event has a sound system, please let TBA know if they are available for use. Some songs in our set will be dependent on the availability of microphones as they are more effective. Should this be the case, a sound check before the performance will be mandatory.

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