TBA XII: Power Up! (Spring Concert)

21 Mar 2015 Toronto


Time : 7:30 PM
Venue : Hart House - Debates Room
Address : 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, ON M5S 3H3

Super-speed. Teleportation. Invisibility. What’s your superpower?

While we may never walk through walls, we’ve all got our talents and tricks that set us apart: some carry the TUNES. Some drop the BEATS. Put ’em together? AWESOME.

We go about our daily lives like any Clark Kent, but when we pick up that microphone it’s time to POWER UP.

Twelve years in, those superpowers just keep getting better. This time, we’re coming at you with laser vision: TBA-Television, to be precise. More TBA videos to power you up. More TB-Arrangers showing their stuff. More TUNES-, BEATS-, and AWESOME-NESS? Yup.


Special guest performance by our American friends, theĀ Dicks and Janes from the University of Michigan!