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Voice Part: Soprano
Program: Human Geography, Urban Studies, Fine Art History
TBA Since: 2014
Exec Position: Executive Director

Favourite TBA Song: Literally anything Daniel Boyle (TBAlumnus) has arranged, to be honest.
Favourite Artist: I swear I have a new favourite artist like every other week, so this is not a real question. (But right now I’m really feeling Noname, Tom Misch, and Marie Dahlstrom.) (Also Esperanza Spalding will have my heart forever).
Nickname(s): Momha!

Minha Lee

Minha is one of our two stellar co-directors this year (#Joeha)! She writes sweet charts, keeps us organized, and on pitch. That is to say, aside from her incredible vocals she also has impressively tuned ears. Minha gives great gifts, comfy hugs, and has been mistaken for a unicorn on several occasions. But beware, she will come after you if you leave your music behind at rehearsal.