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Voice Part: Soprano
TBA Since: 2016

Favourite TBA Song: Yellow Flicker Beat
Favourite Artist: Mitski
Nickname(s): Mel, Mdogz, Melanayz, Melaqhoie (whatever Joey calls me), Melancholy, Mswizz

Melanie Machado

Give a warm welcome to our new Soprano, Melanie! She’s always got a smile on her face, kind words to say, and brings a positive energy to the group. She’s also got a great fashion sense and the hippest Instagram account I’ve ever seen. She pulls off writing greetings like “hey dudes” and is passionate about ensuring there isn’t a gap in her bangs. She loves the A+ TV shows The Office and The Mindy Project. Do yourself a favour and look through her cover photos on Facebook, they’re gold. We love her and are so glad she’s joined our group!