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Voice Part: Bass
ProgramDrama, International Relations
TBA Since: 2015. It was magical.

Favourite TBA Song: Paper Hearts — that Kristen Antunes!
Favourite Artist: Chilly Gonzales
Nicknames: As a tour guide for students across Canada, K-Dawg has really stuck with the 12-17 demographic.

Kevin Matthew Wong

The first thing you’ll notice about Kevin is his funny faces. The second thing is his unrealistically low voice. Both his voice and his faces work together to make people feel really comfortable around him! Outside of TBA, Kevin is a passionate and hard-working enviro-theatre geek. He is an extremely well-educated champion of the earth. Kevin uses his endless artistic abilities, organization skills and people skills to invoke as much positive change as he can! He’s also a sweet, thankful, and thoughtful guy. We all should be more like Kevin!