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Voice Part: Tenor
ProgramChemical Engineering
TBA Since: 2013

Favourite TBA Song: Numb – I liked it back when I saw it on the 2012 ICCA performance video on YouTube, and being able to perform it in my second year with TBA was a blast.
Favourite Artist: Paul McCartney or Freddie Mercury (with my favourite bands being The Beatles and Queen)
Nickname(s): I’ve been called JMac a lot. Technically, my real name is John so pretty much everyone calls me a nickname – Johnny.

Johnny McGroarty

Meet Johnny, TBA’s resident goofball! He’s one of our amazing Tenor 2’s. A bass/tenor hybrid, Johnny is having a great time rediscovering the joy of singing words. His dance moves are killer, as well as his fake Irish accent. If you ever need to smile, ask him to show you one of those, and you’ll be set! He’s an incredibly genuine guy with a stellar voice, who’s always there for you if you need a hug or a laugh! Johnny is a kind, honest soul who makes our time in TBA so much better!