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Voice Part: Tenor
ProgramMusic Education – Saxophone
TBA Since: 2014
Exec Position: Musical Director

Favourite TBA Song: Infatuation
Favourite Artist: Beyoncé, Ariana Grande
Nickname(s): Hoey, Jojo, Joe

Joey Gargaro

Joey is probably one of, just about everyone’s, favourite person to be around. Not only does he have an angelic and pure tone that can pretty much fit, soloistically, into almost any music style or genre, he also arranges many of our group’s killer repertoire! Joey is a talented, loving, and modest leader. He sees the best in everyone and will go to ends to make sure the potential within all of us surfaces, as well as within our group’s performance. Although he is by instinct, a fun and easy-going person, he has a way of keeping everyone on track, leading us all to become both better singers, and better individuals.