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Voice Part: Bass
ProgramMusic – Trombone
TBA Since: 2016

Favourite TBA Song: Pendulum
Favourite Artist: Jacob Collier
Nickname(s): Eetun, and my mom calls me “Ethie” sometimes, if that counts as a nickname?

Ethan Mattei

Ethan is the tallest 7 year old I’ve ever seen and I want to adopt him, the end (okay, for real though).

Ethan has been coming to TBA’s concerts since two years before he even came to U of T!!! Needless to say, he is one of our most dedicated and hardworking members, with a ginormous heart to boot. Ethan also gives excellent hugs, and by that I mean that he accommodates to everyone’s height even though he is 70% legs. He also has the ~grooviest~ dance moves I’ve ever seen! The only thing I am missing in my life is a GIF of Ethan dancing. He is the most wonderful human being and we are so excited to have him in TBA with us this year!