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Voice Part: Alto
ProgramRotman Commerce
TBA Since: 2016

Favourite TBA Song: Yellow Flicker Beat / Sweet Nothing / Skies Will Break (they’re all so good!!)
Favourite Artist: Sara Bareilles
Nickname(s): Ellie is a nickname lol, but also I’ve gotten El or “Eldog” (for no particular reason…just my weird friends haha). Other than that, not really!

Ellie Edwards

It’s hard to believe that Ellie is just starting her first year at U of T and at TBA. In a couple short months, she has become so much a part of the TBA family, bringing her constant enthusiasm and positivity, along with her sometimes-sweet, sometimes-jazzy, always precise alto tone to the mix. A Stratford-native, a Rotman Commerce student, and a force to reckon with, Ellie is a gifted and multi-talented musician you ought to watch out for.