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Voice Part: Tenor, Vocal Percussion
ProgramHuman Biology: Health and Disease, Immunology
TBA Since: 2013
Exec Position: Finance Executive

Favourite TBA Song: Sweet Nothing
Favourite Artist: Pentatonix
Nickname(s): Dom, Domino, Domnomnom, Doom

Dominic Ebona

What can one say about the many faces of Dominic? From adorable baby-faced tenor, to director and hard-hitting beatboxer, to powerhouse arranger, Dom really has done it all. Snagging nominations for Outstanding Vocal Percussion and Outstanding Arrangement at last years ICCA, Dom is an a cappella force to be reckoned with. TBA is truly lucky to have him with us for another year. Also, did we mention he’s basically the human version of a cuddly lamb? So pure. So innocent. Wow.