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Voice Part: Alto
ProgramPsychology, Neuroscience
TBA Since: 2015

Favourite TBA Song: Jackpot, Break Free
Favourite Artist: I say Maroon 5, just because I have never found an album I love more than “Songs About Jane”
Nicknames: Char, Charmander, Charlatté (shoutout to Kristen)

Charlotte Wong Labow

Have you ever met someone you can talk about FEELINGS with and yet still have a discussion about cute boys that dissolves into uncontrollable and possibly immature giggling? Well, I have. That person is Charlotte! She’s a princess cut from marble smoother than the storm! (that’ll make more sense when you come to our concert on December 3rd). But in all seriousness, Charlotte is a wonderfully unique and quirky person with a stunning voice. I’m super glad I know her and get to sing with her in TBA!