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To join TBA, you must audition for a spot in September. All are welcome and encouraged to audition, whether or not you are affiliated with the University of Toronto.

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We rehearse at least once a week for approximately 3 hours. In the past, rehearsals occur on Sundays from 5-8 PM, but can change according to members’ availabilities and schedules. Extra rehearsals are added during times before an upcoming event.

In terms of performances, we have several performance opportunities throughout the year, including a concert at the end of each semester.

In certain years, TBA chooses to compete in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCAs) in the US. Competition season lasts from February to April. In preparation for the ICCAs, commitment increases to create an iconic and award-winning 12-minute set.

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There are many opportunities throughout the year to see TBA perform, including a concert at the end of every semester! Stay connected to all of our social media outlets to find out where we’re performing next.

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All bookings and other business inquiries can be made by contacting business@tunesbeatsawesome.com. If you would like TBA to perform for your event, please try to book at least a month in advance so we can prepare a spectacular and memorable set for you.

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Register for an audition now!