Summer Tang

Voice Part: Soprano
Program: Rotman Commerce
TBA since: 2018

Favorite TBA song: Best Part (arr. Randy Chang, Ethan Mattei)
Favorite Artist: Faye Wong
Nickname: SumBob

Summer -what a breath of fresh air! Always smiling in rehearsals, she brings a sense of sunshine that only someone named “Summer” can exude. Summer is a TBNewbie with a heart of gold, currently in her first year as a Rotman student. This makes perfect sense, as she is already proving to be one of the hardest workers in the history of TBA! Summer always makes it her mission to commit herself wholeheartedly to being a part of the TBA community, and we cannot thank her enough for it this year! Catch Summer either studying for a midterm, skateboarding (that’s right fellas – she’s a skater girl!), or singing a Chinese ballad with that gorgeous soprano voice of hers. Summer girl, don’t ever stop singing, smiling or being awesome – we love you for it!