Sam Borsato

Voice Part: Tenor 1
Program: Computer Science (Ryerson)
TBA Since: 2018

Favorite TBA Song: Skies will Break (arr. Minha Lee), Afraid (arr. Randy Chang)
Favorite Artists: Sam Smith, Tori Kelly, Bruno Mars
Nickname(s): Sammy, Mr. Borsato

It all starts with the whisper of soft tenor crooning from across the room… what… no, who… ah, it’s Sam Borsato, TBA’s new TBAby tenor extrodinaire! Sam brings his rapid-quick wit and precise work ethic to every rehearsal. One can never quite know what will come out of that peach fuzz-covered mouth, but it’s sure to be one heck of a zinger. From learning to part sing to learning to self-groove, Sam gives his all to be the best TBopper of all time and make the group better than it has ever been before. We’re so excited to have Sam join us for TBA XVI, and we can’t wait for him to wow you as much as he’s done to us!