Randy Chang

Voice Part: Tenor 2
Program: Music Education (Violin – U of T Alum)
TBA Since: 2017
Executive Position: Assistant Music Director

Favourite TBA Chart: The Skies Will Break (arr. Minha Lee), Mercy (arr. Joey Gargaro), River (arr. Kristen Antunes)
Favourite Artist: Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly, Daniel Caesar, Mac Ayres
Nickname(s): Roondz, Ranch, Randall, Lei (my Chinese name)

Randy is an amazing singer who has a strong passion for music. His love toward singing is so infinite that he sings no matter where he is. He even sings on the subway too! If you want to hear his awesome voice, you should check out his Instagram account (@_ran.lei_) where he posts stories of him singing very often! Randy is definitely an active leader in TBA and positions as the Assistant Music Director this year. He makes our group full of fun and we cannot imagine the TBA family without him!!