Pablo Lluch Romero

Voice part: Tenor 2
Program: Computer Science
TBA since: 2018

Favorite TBA song: The Skies Will Break (arr. Minha Lee)
Favorite Artist: Sam Smith
Nickname(s): Pabs/Pablito

Pablo is a joy and delight to all of us in TBA. An experienced a cappella connoisseur, Pablo is capable of being his own one-man Acapella group. Needless to say he is a talented tenor who’s sultry tones we could not do without. In addition to his a cappella knowledge, Pablo is also linguistically talented! An exchange student from the University of Edinburgh, he has lived in both Spain and the UK, meaning he’s fluent in both (British) English and Spanish. Finally, TBA can realize our dreams of covering Despacito. More importantly however, Pablo‘s charming and sweet nature make every rehearsal something to look forward to.