Nanako Maruyama

Voice Part: Alto 1
Program: Humanities
TBA since: 2018

Favorite TBA song: Adore (arr. Kyle Wong)
Favorite Artist: Prettymuch, Selena Gomez, Superfruit, Pentatonix, Bruno Mars, Baby Ariel, Snakehips and many more! 🙂
Nickname(s): I don’t have any!

Introducing Nanako – living in Toronto away from family and ready to party, Japanese style! With that comes her distinguished sense of fashion (work it girl!) Nanako is already incredibly involved in the TBA community, even going so far as going on IKEA dates with fellow TBA members! Talk about friendly! On her downtime, you can catch her singing some Bruno Mars with her beautiful Alto voice, or jamming out to some K-pop.  Fun fact – Nanako actually learns her parts using her mother tongue of Japanese as well. Yes, that’s right – TBA has gone international!  Come see her in the Alto section at our concerts and performances this year!