Melanie Machado

Voice Part: Soprano
Program: Math
TBA Since: 2016
Executive Position: Executive Director

Favourite TBA Chart: Attention x How Long (arr. Dominic Ebona)
Favourite Artist: Mitski, Radiohead, The National
Nickname(s): Mel, Mswizz, Smellanie, Lil Meep

TBA’s own meme queen. Not only does she understand the true importance of memes in society but she’s the one, the only, UofT memes for True Blue teens’ moderator (There are others, Melanie is cooler). You might be intimidated by her spot-on appearance. Oh boy she’s not only a snappy dresser – she’s a fashionista, a trend-setter, a fashion plate! She looks amazing all the time! She’s also so cute she donates smiles to charity. Speaking about charity, Melanie’s very committed to social justice. Our amazing Executive Director has such a beautiful, soft voice that she could sing the highest notes ever and still serenade you to sleep. Melanie is a smart math bean that’s also part of an amazing band called “Dumb Stupid Liars”, which we hope we’ll have the chance to see them perform sometime soon! Anyways, we’re lucky to have her this year, because she’s an amazing human all-around and we all love her.