Melanie Machado

Voice Part: Soprano
TBA Since: 2016
Board Position: Finance Executive

Favourite TBA Song: Mercy
Favourite Artist: Mitski, Radiohead, Belle and Sebastian, LCD Soundsystem, Beulah, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, King Krule, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Run the Jewels
Nickname(s): Mel, MSwizz, Lil Meep (okay, no one has ever called me this but i’m trying to make it a thing)

Introducing Melanie, TBA’s very own super soprano! When she’s not belting out notes as high in altitude as the CN Tower, she can be seen calculating mathematic equations and formulas in a nearby library. In addition to being a TBA soprano, Melanie is also our Financial Executive this year, making sure we don’t spend all of our money on any non-a cappella matters. And as if those things don’t impress you, Melanie is an incredible baker – one of her special “brookies” (half brownie, half cookie, all delicious) will have you begging for more!