Marcus Chiam

Voice Part: Vocal Percussion, Bass
ProgramBioinformatics and Computational Biology
TBA Since: 2017

Favourite TBA Song: Alaska
Favourite Artist: Frederic Chopin
Nickname(s): THE CHIAMP

Marcus: a human synth pad, metronome, and one of our seven TBNewbies. When he’s not beatboxing for TBA, you can find Marcus hanging out at vocal percussion meet-ups on campus and across the Toronto area. Marcus’ VP skills include such a wide range of sounds that sometimes we’re not even sure if it’s him beat boxing or some sort of computer EDM beats! Speaking of technology, Marcus is a music student turned computer science major currently in the third year of his program. Marcus is also an extremely talented pianist (his former instrument of study!). Fun fact: Marcus was actually the accompanist for Randy’s, another one of our TBNewbies, audition to the Faculty of Music at UofT! THE CONNECTIONS NEVER END! We’re super lucky to have Marcus with us this year and we can’t wait to see all of the amazing talent he brings to TBA for its fifteenth season!