Kristen Antunes

Voice Part: Alto
ProgramMusic – Comprehensive Specialization, Sociology
TBA Since: 2014
Board Position: Artistic Director

Favourite TBA Song: All Is Full of Love, Thinkin Bout You
Favourite Artist: Jason Mraz
Nickname(s): Kriddy, iTunes, Antenna

Announcement! Kristen is leading TBA this year as one of our co-directors, and is doing a stellar job!  In this role, she arranges amazing charts (and edits most), infuses our singing with slick dynamics, and encourages us to all have our best self-groove.  This is to say, TBA would be doing a lot of standing and a lot less groovy singing if Kristen weren’t around.  She is a cornerstone of the alto section, but really shines when she sings lead and treats listeners to the smoothest riffs and clearest vocal tone.  She also likes announcements.