Jake Murray

Voice Part: Tenor
TBA Since: 2016

Favourite TBA Song: Islands, Octavarium
Favourite Artist: Allen Stone
Nickname(s): Jakey, Rustic Angel, Lighthouse

When Jake was young he was often the only boy in his musical theatre classes. He always played the object of everyone’s affection but all he ever truly wanted to do was be a part of an a cappella choir. When the opportunity to be in TBA came knocking at his door, he knew it was time to let his true majestic vocal and performance powers shine through. Man of many talents, including looking like a country star, saving the planet with his eco-friendly transportation vehicle, angelic yet secular vocals, and ability to quote the Godfather to a T, we are so proud to have Jake on our team. He is one of the most grounding people, and is a huge rock in TBA. Jake’s down to earth personality, good humour, and love for singing makes him so lovely to be around. Also, he would most likely cook the best meal on a first date, he’s just that kind of guy.