Gretchen Lee

Voice Part: Mezzo
Program: Music (Cello)
TBA Since: 2018

Favourite TBA song: The Skies Will Break (arr. Minha Lee)
Favourite Artist: Jay Chou, Joe Hisaishi, Tchaikovsky
Nickname(s): N/A

What’s not to love about Gretchen? As one of our brand new Sopranos, she brings her bubbly personality and beautiful voice to TBA for its 16th season. She loves musical theatre, and as well as being a singer and songwriter. Gretchen is also a cellist at the Faculty of Music! Fun fact: Gretchen is the youngest member in TBA this year – we always have our baby and she is it! A great newbie and lovely human being, Gretchen is super dedicated and we’re so excited for you all to see what she can do this year. Catch her in the Mezzo section laying down all of those stunning harmonies you all know and love!