Dominic Ebona

Voice Part: Tenor, Vocal Percussion
ProgramHuman Biology: Health and Disease, Immunology
TBA Since: 2013

Favourite TBA Song: Sweet Nothing
Favourite Artist: Pentatonix
Nickname(s): Dom, Domino, Domnomnom, Doom

When it comes to Dominic, big things really do come in small packages. A versatile arranger beatboxer, and singer, there’s nothing he can’t do. Dom has been a vital part of TBA since 2013, and lives and breathes acappella. Although he’s technically in Life Sciences, he’s pretty much a music major. He has also been nominated for Outstanding Vocal Percussion and Outstanding Arrangement at previous ICCA competitions. In addition to the many contributions he’s made to TBA, Dom is also heavily involved with the Toronto Children’s Chorus. His warm and encouraging personality is only slightly shadowed by the copious amount of dad jokes he makes at every opportunity he gets.