Charlotte Wong Labow

Voice Part: Alto 2
Program: Double major in Health Studies and Psychology, minor in Environment and Behaviour
TBA Since: 2015

Favourite TBA Chart: Mercy (arr. Joey Gargaro)
Favourite Artist: Lake Street Dive, Sammy Rae, Vulfpeck, Portugal the Man
Nickname(s): Char, Charlatté

Charlotte epitomizes passion.  With her sultry voice, loving personality and outgoing aura, Charlotte elevates the energy of everyone around her.  The bearer of hugs, she is both kind and charismatic, but also precise like her violin playing. Confident, compassionate, and comical,  Charlotte will have you laughing out loud from her comedic demeanour, to holding your breath as she sings her heart out. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as Charlotte enjoys reading academic papers (yeah, she’s also a genius!)