Carol Mak

Voice Part: Mezzo
Program: Music (Voice)
TBA Since: 2017
Executive Position: Concert Chair

Favourite TBA Chart: The Skies Will Break (arr. Minha Lee)
Favourite Artist: Daniel Caesar
Nickname(s): Big Mak, Makattack, Carolmel Makiato

Carol is in her second year with TBA and is our current Concert Chair. She is currently in her second year as a music major and brings her arranging ability and warm soprano voice into TBA’s skill set. She is a hard working musician and is not afraid to keep going in the face of hardship (or even an annoyingly persistent cold). Her kind personality and friendly smile make it easy for others to feel welcome around her. Her combination of talent and personality make her well suited to her position in TBA. We’re happy to have Carol back for another year and look forward to her promising future both in and outside of TBA.