Carol Mak

Voice Part: Soprano
TBA Since: 2017

Favourite TBA Song: Attention
Favourite Artist: Paramore
Nickname(s): Carmaks, Big Mak

Gosh, what isn’t there to say about the awesome and charming Carol? Being a TBAby, she was thrust into the demands of TBA quite suddenly as the school year began. However, her bright and bubbly personality has made the experience tons more enjoyable for everyone. (As if it wasn’t enjoyable already!) Her voice is reminiscent of a beautiful angel, or at least among those ranks. Her talent spans way past her years – legend has it that she’s also the lead vocalist of a band, how cool is that?! She is currently in her first year as a music student at U of T, which only serves to prove her immense talent. Also, let’s talk about how STUNNING she looks in her photos! Like seriously, go take a look at them and admire the beauty that is Carol and come back to this after you’re done. Ok, are you back? ISN’T SHE A BEAUTIFUL SPECIMEN? Carol is certainly a one of a kind beauty. To summarize – a beautiful voice, tremendous talent, stunning personality, and good looks? You can’t ask for a better member, and the rest of the group is so glad they get to share their time in TBA XV with the likes of her. Everyone welcome your TBAby, Carol Mak!