Ariana Wu

Voice Part: Alto 2
Program: Humanities
TBA Since: 2018

Favourite TBA Chart: God is A Woman (arr. Carol Mak), Lovely (arr. Randy Chang)
Favorite Artist: YUNGBLUD
Nickname: Ari

All the way from a suburb of Dallas, Texas comes the spiciest of the meme queens, Ariana.  She graces the group with her beautiful alto voice, and if you listen carefully, you can almost hear her new tongue piercing lisping her words, making them more sultry than ever.  An amazing fun and enthusiastic personality to be around, she brings sass and attitude to the Newbie group that will help the fledgling TBabies fight off the Oldies, preying on those who sing off-key. TBA is very blessed to have Ariana in the group this year, and we know that she will add to the TBA meme collection to make it the most powerful one in Ontario, one that Harambe himself would be proud of.