Allen Chien

Voice Part: Bass
Program: U of T Alum
TBA since: 2009

Favourite TBA song: You Lost Me (arr. Carolyn Shiau)
Favourite Artist: Frightened Rabbit
Nickname(s): Panda

Allen Chien is the most experienced TBA member who gives much feedback and encouragement to those around him. His words had help many of the TBA members to not only improve their vocals but also their attitudes. Allen has been an enthusiastic member of TBA for 8 years. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto in 2012, and Humber College in 2013. He is now working as a front desk agent at the Hostelling international Toronto, which fits his generous and caring personality. These admirable character traits have shown themselves during many TBA rehearsals, his willingness of hosting our TBA annual retreat, and also his love for animals. Other than singing at TBA, he enjoys hiking, playing volleyball, and eating during his free time. Allen is an amazing bass singer in TBA, a hardworking employee of his company, and a wonderful person that contributes to the world!