Allen Chien

Voice Part: Bass
ProgramEquity Studies, Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management
TBA Since: 2009

Favourite TBA Song: You Lost Me, Pendulum
Favourite Artist: Ed Sheeran
Nickname(s): Panda

Allen has been a committed member of TBA for SIX YEARS (two year hiatus in between)! This number on its own speaks to Allen’s dedication to our group, but we really see it through the hard work he puts in during rehearsals… not to mention his excellent tone! Allen works at Hostelling International Toronto, and it fits him perfectly, because it really shows how much of a caring and generous person he is. Allen’s generosity is so extensive that he has hosted TBA’s Retreat for a number of years now, and it has allowed us to have a boot-camp of important rehearsal, as well as equally important bonding time. Allen’s silky bass tones are unbelievable; keep your ear out for this wonderful guy!